On May 2017, Polycentre opens a new store called ‘Deltapoly’ which is located at Jl. Jati-Cemeng Kalang no. 70, Sidoarjo city. Several reasons why Deltapoly chose Jl. Usman Sadar as its location: More »


On April 2014, Polycentre opens a new store called ‘Metropoly’ which is located at Jl. Usman Sadar no. 20, Gresik city. Several reasons why Metropoly chose Jl. Usman Sadar as its location: More »


‘Sumberpoly’ is located at Jl. Menganti Lidah Kulon no. 309, West Surabaya. Sumberpoly has been operational since 2009. Several reasons why Sumberpoly chose Jl. Menganti Lidah Kulon as its location: 1. located More »


‘Polycentre’ is a retail distributor shop canopy roof made ​​of polycarbonate and the accessories, which is located at Jl. Raya Nginden No. 47, East Surabaya. Polycentre has been operational since 2003, along More »

Canopy roof

Main advantage of having canopy roof are: 1. Adding more building area. Simply explained, building area is measured on a spot which has concrete floor below, concrete wall on any side and More »


'Polycarbonate' is a derivative product of plastic which has several properties such as robust, flexible and light. Polycarbonate sheet -which is sold in is a thick and hollow plastic sheet based More »


The following table is non-polycarbonate roof which are provided by, based on thickness, surface layer and hollowed roof. Specifically, sells various brands of polyvinyl roof sheets such as: Specifically, More »



‘Polycentre’ is a distributor shop canopy roof and its complements (roof sheet, stainless/non-stainless pipe, stainless/non-stainless sheet plate, accessories, etc) which is located at Jl. Nginden No. 47, East Surabaya. Polycentre has started from 2003 until now, along with a lot of experience and credibility. Several reasons why Polycentre chose Jl. Nginden as its location:

1. Nearby city center (20 minutes from Central Surabaya)

2. Located close to many private residence in East Surabaya, South Surabaya and North Surabaya

3. Easy to get parking space on street, less traffic jam and no flood.